Normal program length is 3.5 months; 600 hours

This program gives the student the skills necessary to pursue a career as a Cosmetician/Esthetician. Upon completion of this program, the student will receive a certificate of graduation. The student will be required to pass the State Licensing exam before they can be legally employed as a Cosmetician/Esthetician.

 Course Title Credits Recommended
by State 
Credit Hours
Facials & Skin Care  7  210
Facial Makeup   1  30
Hair Removal   3  90
Laws, Rules and Regulations  1  30
Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills & Salesmanship  1  30
Disinfection, Sanitation, & Safety  7  210
Total Credits & Hours  20 600

Our course provides a minimum of 600 hours of training:

1) Safety, sanitization and sterilization shall be taught in each subject as it pertains to that subject.

2) The required hours may vary up to 25% in each subject, but still must total 600 hours.

A student shall spend a minimum of 600 hours in the study of Cosmetician/Esthetician, concerned with only the phase of Cosmetician/Esthetician - which is learning the artful care of the face, skin, and body. These hours can be completed in less than three and one- half (3.5 months). Hours beyond three and one-half (3.5) months are available for $12 per hour.

If a student’s particular circumstances deem it necessary to complete the program in a longer period of time than the given three and one-half (3.5) months, the student may arrange to do so at the discretion and with the approval of the Programs Director. The student must make arrangements with the Programs Director prior to the initial start of the program. The Programs Director reserves the right to approve or deny any student the option of completing his/her course of study in a longer period of time than what is standard.

To graduate, the student must have completed the hours required by the state of Colorado; all required written exams must be passed with a score of 90% or greater; all practical requirement sheets must be completed and returned to the office, and the student must pass the Practice State Board Examination with a score that would pass the Practical section of the state Board Examination. Furthermore, all tuition, fees and other expenses must be paid in full. All required paperwork must be included in a complete student file.

Description of Courses

Facials and Skin Care

Instructor: M. Dunlop Graham

7 credits (210 credit hours) for Cosmetician/Esthetician and Cosmetologist. Course covers eyebrow arching, facials, theory of massage, cells, anatomy and physiology, skin and its disorders, superfluous hair removal, electricity and light therapy.

Facial Makeup

Instructor: M. Dunlop Graham

1 credit (30 credit hours) for Cosmetician/Esthetician and Cosmetologist. Course covers facial makeup, false eyelashes, the benefits of mineral makeup.

Hair Removal

Instructor: M. Dunlop Graham

3 credits (90 credit hours) for Cosmetician/Esthetician and Cosmetologist. Course covers machines for professional skin care and other methods of superfluous hair removal.

Laws, Rules and Regulations

Instructor: M. Dunlop Graham

1 credit (30 credit hours) for all programs. Course covers Federal, State and local laws governing the practice of Cosmetology and Barbering. Also covers the state regulations enforced by the State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists.

Management, Ethics, and Interpersonal Skills & Salesmanship Instructor: M. Dunlop

1 credit (30 credit hours) for all programs. Course covers hygiene, visual poise, personality development, professional ethics, seeking and maintaining employment, salon management, payroll deduction, and preparation of employment opportunities.

Disinfection, Sanitation, & Safety

Instructor: M. Dunlop Graham

6 credits (180 credit hours) for Manicurist and Cosmetologist; 7 credits (210 credit hours) for Cosmetician/Esthetician. Course covers methods of cleaning, sterilization, safety precautions, introduction to bacteriology, classifications of bacteria, bacterial growth and bacterial infections, as well as OSHA regulations, MSD sheets, and safety on the job. Course also covers current rules and regulations of the Colorado Office of Barber and Cosmetology Licensure.